Health & Safety Consultancy Australia

Woodgroup-PSN UST Consulting Services

At Wood Group Training our health & safety consultancy services are tailored to suit customer’s requirements and are able to cover the following business areas and functions:

  • Executive Management
  • Creation of Health and Safety commitment
  • Health and Safety Objectives
  • Hazard Management undertaking actual hazard management exercise in workplace, which includes
  • identifying all hazards
  • assessing hazards for significance
  • developing and implementing controls
  • maintaining records of hazards and their controls
  • Information training and supervision
  • Incident and Accident Reporting, recording and investigation
  • Communication, Information and Consultation
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Contractor controls
  • Developing any inspection checklists
  • Providing information (MSDS) on hazardous substances
  • Maintaining inspection, hazardous substance and training records
  • Developing emergency plans and conducting practices